At SARVARAPP, we’re always doing our best to keep our community safe for everyone, which is why we have kept a qualification criterion for job or service verification that includes few points.

  • A certain number of orders should be completed on the particular job/service/gig
  • A total certain amount should be earned from the orders in the sellers’ account along with at least 4 ratings on each order.

We will guide you on how job verification works?

How Job Verification Works

Once you qualify certain criteria, you will get an option to “Verify Job” on your particular job/service/gig. If you hover over “Verify Job”, and click on it, you will be redirected to that particular service post page where you will have the option to “VERIFY THIS MJOB”. Once you click on “VERIFY THIS MJOB”, a pop up will be displayed to fill in your “STEP 1:  BASIC INFORMATION” and tick mark  I agree to Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

job verification

After completing the step1, click on “NEXT TO STEP 2

job verification

You will land on the “STEP 2: REVIEW YOUR INFO” page. Here you will be able to review your submitted personal information and Government ID. If your submitted details are correct and good to go, you may proceed to “PAY FOR THIS REQUEST” and click on the “PAY FOR THIS REQUEST” button to complete the job verification process.

You will be redirected to the check-out page. Here you will be able to complete the job verification process after completing the checkout process and paying the job verification fee. Changes may take a few minutes to reflect on your account. Please refresh the page after a few times to see the changes. SARVARAPP will review and verify your submitted details and payment and if everything is found correct, your job verification request will be approved. You will receive email notifications accordingly.

What if I don’t receive an email after applying for the job verification?

If you don’t receive any email throughout the whole job verification process due to some technical glitches, you may immediately contact us at [email protected] with the following details. We will look into your request and after successful verification, your job will be verified.

  1. Job title
  2. User name
  3. Email
  4. Payment type
  5. Attach Proof of Payment

The entire verification process may take 24 to 48 hours. You will be able to see your job/service/gig as verified after completing verification.

Your job/service/gig will look like this

Verified job

Please Note: After verification please do not change the price of your verified job/service/gig. Instead, changing the price you can send custom offers to buyers. But If you change the price of your verified job/service/gig deliberately, has all the right to take any action, since this act comes under misleading. As a result, your verified job/gig verification status will be removed immediately and will be in the same position as it was before verification. You may apply again for job/service/gig verification in the future. If you apply again for a job/service verification, you have to pay the fee again.

The act of changing the price of a verified job/service/gig shows act of disloyalty and misleading. If you mislead the company, SARVARAPP.COM will not be liable to pay any refund in all such cases. Please read our Cancellation & Refund Policy for more information. If you repeat the act of changing the price again and again after verification of job/service/gig in the future, Your account may be terminated. Please read Section VIII of “Terms of Service for more information

How Data is Protected by Our Privacy

Sarvarapp could be a community that values your trust & safety and takes guardianship in maintaining the protection of the positioning and your necessary info, additionally to preventing unauthorized access, loss, misuse, alteration, destruction, or harm through normal trade technologies and internal procedures. we have a tendency to use strict procedures and safety features to forestall any unauthorized access to your knowledge, and also the transmission of your ID is additionally protected by SSL coding. For a lot of info, please browse our Privacy Policy.

Please note: Apply only if you qualify above conditions otherwise, your application may be put on hold.

FAQ: –

  1. How many orders do we need to complete to apply for job verification for a particular job/service/gig?

Ans: 2

  1. How much total amount do we need to earn from the orders to be eligible for job verification for a particular job/service/gig?

Ans: $20

  1. What about ratings?

Ans: At least 4 ratings on each order

  1. What does include STEP 1: BASIC INFORMATION?


  • Your Name
  • Skype ID
  • Your primary email
  • Alternate email
  • You Government Issued Photo ID
  1. What does include government Issued Photo ID?

Ans: Government-issued ID, Passport, or Driving license, as permitted by applicable laws and as detailed on our Website

  1. What is the minimum size of a Government Issued Photo ID?

Ans: Minimum size – (600×412)

  1. What is the Job Verification Fee?

Ans: 10% of the total price of job/service/gig